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The metals we use in our machining processes

Indestructible and malleable, for all areas of use


Extremely hard and ductile, good tensile and yield strength, good thermal conductivity.

Types of steel we work with: 39NiCrMo3 – S355J2 – S355J2+N – S355J0 – FE360 TRAFILATO – FE510 – C45E – S235JR – FE430 – 42CRMO4 – S275JR/S275J2 – 90MNCRV8.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is characterised by its greater resistance to oxidation and corrosion. Stainless steel is perfect for use in areas with high levels of air humidity or freshwater.

Types of stainless steel we work with: AISI304 – AISI316 – AISI316L.

Cast iron

Hard, brittle, with a low tensile and flexural strength, it is resistant to compression and corrosion. We are specialised in cast iron machining processes, both turning and milling, thanks to our large inventory of CNC machines.

Types of cast iron we work with: GJS400 – GJS500 – GJS600 – GJS700 – ADI800 – 250 CAST IRON


When compared at the same volume, aluminium weighs only one-third as much as steel, with significant weight savings in almost any type of mechanical application. Aluminium is very resistant to atmospheric corrosion, even in marine environments, and it is easy to work with and process.

Types of aluminium we work with: ALLUMINIO 6082 – UNI6060/6063 EN AW AISIMGMN – ALLUMINIO 5083 FIBRAL – ALLUMINIO 7075


Bronze is a copper-tin alloy, but that is not all. These alloys are malleable and can be laminated, extruded, forged, moulded and drawn. By increasing the percentage of tin, alloys with higher hardness are obtained, which consequently leads to decreased malleability.

Types of bronze we work with: GCUSN12


Its high strength, toughness, stiffness, low density and good corrosion resistance allow for weight savings in high-performance applications. We perform three-dimensional inspection services on behalf of third parties upon request, even on parts and components that have not been manufactured by our company, thanks to our cutting-edge CNC instruments